emirati fashion designer

“You have the chance to be a new you every day. Take it.” -Zahra Awaz-

Message From The Founder :

I grew up believing that everyone of has a beauty that should be expressed in some way. Some people are able to express themselves,  but some others might need a helping hand. Regardless of who we are, I believe in sharing knowledge instead of keeping it close to our chest. I also believe in encouraging each individual to love themselves for and to wake up every morning with the knowledge that they are blessed to have the chance to start over their life again and again. Sharing knowledge and improving lives is my greater passion, which I also transferred to fashion. Fashion to me is a tool of empowerment which can be combined with a life coaching approach, helping improve women’s lives overall. Finally as an inspiring influencer, I seek to spread the message of love, peace, and empowerment starting with myself:  “The New Me”.

About Me:

Zahra Awaz comes from a diversified background and career. Coming from a very traditional family, she learned to open up and develop herself in many ways so she could easily adapt herself in the work environment. She’s a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing her Master’s in International Business.

With more than 12 years of dynamic experience in fashion, HR, employee engagement, client and customer service; Zahra is an individual who takes initiatives, which is her academic and career focus.

Born and raised in the UAE, Zahra fully understands the cultural intelligence needed to be an effective life coaching consultant in the region and can therefore provide an unparalleled service to any individual.

Zahra possesses top of the line social skills in building and maintaining relationships, across and beyond any organization. She also strives to do her best in any situation to meet corporate objectives. Her long term experience in the services’ industry has taught her how to meet and exceed expectations, through her services that help selling and enhancing expansion and  future business growth.

Truly passionate about her work, Zahra aims to achieve ongoing success with her teams by building morale, maintaining a team’s self-confidence and inspiring it to perform at its best.

Up Close and Personal:

Zahra is a non-typical Aquarius, a lover of nature and globe trotting, who’s also passionate about horseback riding and painting. She finds herself in her zone while cooking and creatively stitching her own designs. “Coffee or tea?” is a question she can’t answer.