arab travel influencers

My husband works in the travel industry, and I am a natural born nomad !! That has nothing to do with the fact being “wanderlust” is the new “it thing” online. But rather of the fact I come from mixed origins and married yet another; so feeling like a citizen of the whole world comes naturally to me.

Travel, is indeed the only activity I’ve spend money on that left me way richer, and this is how:

-Travel taught me that every corner of the world, every space on the map, has its beauty. Places and countries might be different, but they’re never anything but equally special.

-During travel, I got to explore people’s objective reactions to me, as they didn’t know me or had an idea of who I am or what do I do.

-Traveling allowed me to enjoy anonymity, being spaced out from any social pressure, and not having to act a certain way around certain people.

-Getting to know more about different cultures in person is extremely different from reading about them, it’s another enriching experience that comes with traveling.

-During my travels, I also got to know the people I’ve traveled with more. Apparently, people do reveal their real selves during travel!

Zahra Awaz


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