zahra awaz

With an open media floor and a forever connected environment, the door to learning a million new things a day is always open online; and since I am particularly interested in following influencers for their style and lifestyle, I always end up catching a thing or two on my way.

In this article, I will share with you the 7 lessons I learned fromĀ  influencers in 2019 along with a couple of opinions I formed around the influence scene:

Lesson 1:

There’s no need to be branded head to toe, mix and match is the best way to go and to make the best out of your branded pieces. Some of the high street shops have the best fashion pieces out there!

Lesson 2:

Eyeliner on fleek and perfect contouring can be interesting, but good skin beats it all. This is why skincare is more important than makeup.

Lesson 3:

Comfort doesn’t have to be style-less. Today, some of the most comfortable pieces are also at the forefront of fashion like sneakers and track suits!

Lesson 4:

You don’t have to sell al kidney to buy beautiful outfits. Most influencers are also collaborating with affordable retailers where you can pick awesome pieces with discount codes!!

Lesson 5:

Health and fitness are as important as style and beauty, this is why maintaining your health and fit body are key to keep you going. You can’t inspire others to live their best lives if you’re not living yours before and behind the screen of your phone!

Lesson 6:

There’s a fine line between sharing authentically, and oversharing / creating online drama. Nothing is more beautiful than keeping the online community motivated, surrounded with positivity, supportive and drama free!

Lesson 7:

Events are important, but forming genuine influencer to influencer friendships are event more important! So cheers to some of the true sweethearts I met because of Instagram!!

Zahra Awaz


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