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We all suffer from minor addictions. And we are all trying one way or another to get rid of our bad habits and replace them with better lifestyle habits. Getting rid of bad habits is usually harder than gaining good habits.

In this article, I am sharing with you 5 incremental ways to help you get rid of your bad habits and revert to better and healthier habits:

  • The Small Steps: Start by introducing the smallest healthy habits into your routine, such as drinking enough water or doing cardio for like 30 minutes.
  • The Bigger Steps: Once you’re set with your smallest and new good habits; start introducing more healthy habits to your life such as healthy food / drinks replacements and regular beauty routines.
  • The Natural Replacement: Once you have a good host of good habits in place, you will be naturally decreasing your bad habits because you will not want to be counterproductive to your own results.
  • The Elimination: The best way to get rid of bad habits is to actually eliminate them one at a time. Try doing so while replacing them with better habits that can fill the time and the energy.
  • The Friend: Everything is more fun with a friend. This is why I recommend you get a friend on your quest to let go of your bad habits! This way, you two will motivate and support each other along the way.

Zahra Awaz

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