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Long days are to be expected especially in the lives of entrepreneurs and designers. Sometimes, it is no longer the number of hours, but rather a deadline that dictates how long you are going to work on a project or a task. Keeping your energy up during these longer days is not an easy job, this is why I am sharing with you today 5 tactics that will help you stay motivated and energetic while going through a hectic business day:

  • Stay Hydrated:

Yes, water is THAT important because it keeps your electrolytes balanced, hence your energy levels stable throughout the day.


  • Eat Proteins:

Eating proteins will distribute your energy evenly throughout the hours, while eating carbs will give you sudden spikes and downs in both your energy and your mood.


  • Take Small Breaks Frequently:

Taking small breaks every one or two hours is very important to keep you from boredom.


  • Don’t Stay Alone:

Work with focused company or talk to a friend every now and then to stay entertained and get boosts of motivation and positive energy.


  • Work on Different Tasks:

Changing the tasks you’re working on frequently will keep you on your toes, so try alternating in your coverage of what you’re doing frequently.

Zahra Awaz

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