dubai based influencer

Dubai Dubai Dubai … You must have heard of this miraculous city, the gem of the Middle East and the center of NOW !!

My Dubai has always been the number 1 place to be. The fact is that Dubai id today one the best of destinations to most of the tourists (and big spenders) around the world.

I’m truly proud of being from Dubai; and here’s why I love this city:

  1. I love how Dubai looks at night. Beautiful lights are everywhere and glitter is shining all over the city. It’s a city that never sleeps. ^_^
  2. I have learned a lot after moving to Dubai. Most importantly, I have learned how to adapt myself with a multi-cultural environment where people from all walks of life meet. I love how our multi-cultural population gets together under one flag of love and tolerance.
  3. I have improved my English from poor to first-rate after moving to Dubai.
  4. I love the fact that this city features every cuisine you can ever think of!!
  5. Dubai is not only the skyline you see in pictures, in fact my favorite places to be are: Old Dubai – Bastakiya and Naif.
  6. Best shopping place ever! Period! So fashion lovers, we’re waiting for you!
  7. I love how we get to see new landmarks rising in Dubai every month, and how we cope up with innovation around us at the speed of light.

Dubai is truly that tiny miracle of the East, where tradition meets innovation and skyscrapers meet the desert sun!

Zahra Awaz

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