abaya fashion designer

Whether you’re Middle Eastern or not, I am sure you’re familiar with our traditional wear “The Abaya”. Abayas are way more than just free-flow maxi dresses; they are pieces of art that can morph and take any shape according to the eye and vision of the designer. Growing up, I watched my mom wearing different abayas before leaving the house, so looking at her, I always had the desire to wear Abaya when I grow up.

For me, the Abaya was always the symbol of elegance, and still is. Here are 7 reasons why I/we love Abaya in this part of the world:

  1. It signifies my culture and represents my Holy Islamic religious views.
  2. I can wear any comfortable dress (even a pajama) yet still look sophisticated.
  3. Wearing Abaya, I don’t need to think about the dress code relevant to any particular event.
  4. The Abaya makes my makeup, shoe, and bag pop. It is also super versatile and goes with any color and style especially when it’s a black Abaya.
  5. Abaya girls take no time getting ready (yes girls like this DO EXIST).
  6. It goes with any body shape even when I gain wait at times 😉 (but let’s hope I don’t *wink*).
  7. Since I am so obsessed with jewellery, my Abayas goes along very well with any style I choose and for any occasion as well.

So naturally I simply fell in love with the Beauty of the Abaya. It’s truly a piece of art that’s easy to wear and manipulate at will; all while being a representative of who we are and what we’re about in the Middle East.

Zahra Awaz

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