zahra awaz emirati woman entrepreneur

Welcome to my website, and to my world !! 

In here, it is not too complicated. It is the professional and lifestyle world of a UAE based fashion designer and motivational speaker who decided to open a window, through which I can talk to women from all walks of life. Both my choices of fashion design and positive motivation are my modest contribution to the ever evolving sphere of Middle Eastern women who are still struggling to affirm their strong presence in today’s world.

Through this online window, we will be talking about high fashion and my personal designs, we will also positively motivate each other to be the best version of ourselves, and tackle everything lifestyle while learning from each others’ experiences.

I have divided this website to three portals:

1- The Fashion Portal: Where I will be sharing my love for Abayas, my personal collections, and behind the scenes moments; as well as my views on world fashion, fashion design, and couture.

2- The Motivation Portal: Where I will be sharing advice on how to transform your life into the life you want through positive motivation, along with tips and tricks about how to stay positive, happy and motivated in your personal life and career.

3- The Lifestyle Portal: Where I will be sharing tips, tricks and favorites from everything beauty to travel, passing by events, health, fitness and social life.

Stay tuned with me, and let’s ship this journey together…

Zahra Awaz

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